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Update on American Card, etc.

March 30th, 2007 at 03:49 pm

So I finally got some more of the story on the American TV card that I posted about earlier. It turns out that there were TWO charges on the card one for the $700.69 and the other for $77.85. We have been paying interest on the $77.85 all along and that is where the finance charges are coming from. Problem is, I don't know WHY there were two charges that day. Of course, the bank can't help me out with that because they "just take care of the financing, not the selling". Now I have to dig through my giant "to be filed" pile to find the original receipt. Had hoped to do that last night but it didn't happen. At least it will maybe give me the incentive I need to tackle and deal with my laziness.

Looks like today is basically going to be a no spend day. I packed my lunch and my hubby's lunch, we will be having leftovers for dinner, and both trucks are full of gas as of yesterday. We did have to give Caleb $4 for a special lunch they are having at school today, but we took that out of the pig at home.

Also, it turns out my battle with Wells Fargo is going to continue for another month. DH just spent the last week in Detroit and he only had the WF card in his wallet. Which meant that food, hotel and rental car for 4 days ended up on that card. Great. Even if he puts his expense report in today, he won't get reimbursed until the next pay period (4/12) and the payment is due on the 16th. Since it takes them 5 days to clear an ACH we are going to be cutting it really close. AGAIN. Grrrr....I just want this card GONE! Tonight I am going to take the card out of DH's wallet and put it into the lock box. Or better yet, shred it. *insert sinister laugh here*

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  1. Elly Says:

    I say shred it! LOL

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